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Astrology & Natal Charts

Astrology & Natal Charts

I teach two levels of Astrology – please do not book Advanced Astrology unless you have already compiled my Introduction to Astrology class.
Introduction to Astrology
This workshop is aimed at those interested in learning the basics of astrology and applying the planetary knowledge to their own natal chart. Your natal chart is the blueprint of the exact placement of the planets in the sky at the minute you were born. In this workshop, we will explore how to read a natal chart for yourself and others. We will look at the different houses and planets within the chart and how they effect your own personal birth chart. Signs, houses, planets, aspects.. we will touch on all these things. No previous knowledge is required, as this is aimed at those completely new to natal charts and astrology. I will prepare your natal chart for you to keep. What is required is your *exact time and place of birth*. If you don’t have your time of birth, the natal chart can’t be drawn up accurately.
Advanced Astrology 

‘Advanced’ Astrology refers to subjects that I don’t cover in Introduction to Astrology & Natal Charts. I would highly recommend that you study the Introduction workshop before you take part in this one.

I won’t be covering the signs, planets, major aspects, etc in the Advanced class. If you’re unsure, please contact me to discuss if it’s suitable for you, or take part in the Introduction workshop. As a guide, some of the areas I’ll be covering in this class will include:


Minor Aspects

Chiron & the Asteroids

North/South Node

Chart Patterns (T-squares, Grand Trines)

Chart Angles (MC IC axis)

House System

The Houses Explained