About - Black Moon Botanica
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My name is Brooke and I’m the owner of Black Moon Botanica, a magical shop in the historic heart of Edinburgh’s old town, in Scotland.


I’ve been making candles since I was a teenager, with a lifelong interest in natural magic and ancient traditions, and studied Herbology at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. My dream was to open a store that could offer an eclectic and personally curated collection of beautiful tarot, artwork, sustainably sourced crystals, herbs, books, and most importantly, handmade artisan candles. Situated on historic Candlemaker Row, I’m bringing candlemaking back to its original home from the 1600s. The location is of personal significance for me, as several generations of my family lived directly above the shop.


I opened Black Moon Botanica at the start of 2019 and despite the struggles of the pandemic, we are still going strong! I now run the business with my partner, Pieter-Paul. Together we make all our own candles, wax melts, perfume oils, bath soaks, herbal blends, and a lot more besides.  We are lucky to have a wonderful small team of employees, and we look forward to welcoming you to our wee shop!

About Black Moon Botanica Edinburgh