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Ritual Bathing Soak Pouch 350g
Ritual Bathing Soak Pouch 350g
Ritual Bathing Soak Pouch 350g
Ritual Bathing Soak Pouch 350g

Ritual Bathing Soak Pouch 350g

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NEW larger size! A massive 350g in comparison to the regular 150g jars. Now with more sustainable packaging.

Turn your bath or shower time into a ritual practice with these handmade Ritual Bath Soaks. Each bath soak is created and hand-blended with a different intention in mind. Packaged in matt black, recyclable stand-up pouches and include an organic cotton re-useable bag. Each bath soak has a corresponding candle and perfume oil, to add to the intoxicating scent and complete your self-care ritual. All vegan-friendly. Each jar provides enough for around 16 baths.  

Directions: You can either sprinkle a small handful into a warm bath or add approximately 1tbs to the cotton bag, tie it up and allow to dissolve (use the bag to avoid cleaning up botanicals afterwards). Lie back, relax and enjoy! Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Not recommended for use during pregnancy (please see Ritual Bathing Soaks for a pregnancy-friendly option. 


Don't have a bath? 

 ~ You can add a sprinkle of these bath soaks to your favourite oil (coconut or jojoba are great) and use as a salt scrub in the shower. 

~ Give yourself a relaxing foot bath or hand soak. Add a sprinkle into a basin of warm water and relax while you inhale the scents and feel the effects of the water on your skin. 

~ Sprinkle a small amount onto a wet soap bar and use as an exfoliating bar in the shower.



    When you need to unwind, if you're having trouble sleeping, if you're feeling stressed or tense... our Dreamweaver Ritual Bath Soak helps you unwind and relax. Dead Sea Salt stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins. Magnesium eases muscle tension helps with sleep. Coconut milk leaves skin soft and soothes dry skin. All combined with botanicals of Chamomile and Lavender flowers that relax and soothe, and delicately scented with our Black Cat oil blend. We recommend using this bath soak before bed or when you need to relax. 



    This is the ultimate Goddess ritual bath! Pink Himalayan Salt contains a wealth of minerals that help to maintain electrolyte balance and rejuvenate skin. Hibiscus is known to improve skin elasticity, gently exfoliates and is rich in antioxidants. It is used as an anti-ageing botanical and can also help to control acne breakouts. With added Magnesium to reduce cramps and muscle tension, and beautiful botanicals of Rose and Jasmine flowers. Delicately scented with our Isis Divine Feminine oil blend. Perfect as part of any self-care ritual or goddess work. 



    Like bathing in black tourmaline... This is the ritual bath soak for empaths, those who need to cleanse themselves of negative energies or when you're feeling the call to go within. Black Hawaiian Lava Salt takes its colour from activated charcoal which is has powerful detoxifying and antioxidant properties. This sea salt preserves serotonin and melatonin, two hormones that regulate the body's biological clock. Rosemary, Angelica Root and Mugwort botanicals combine to create powerful protective allies, banishing negative energies. Delicately scented with our Hecate Queen of Witches oil blend. Recommended during the Dark Moon phase, when energetically overwhelmed or as part of a protection ritual.


    350g matt black, recyclable stand-up pouch with cotton re-useable bag provided.