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Summer Solstice Wax Melt Box

Summer Solstice Wax Melt Box

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A set of our 5 favourite warm-weather scents - including a BRAND NEW blend for 2022! Each bar has 10-squares of soy wax and blended oils, and boxes contain one bar each of Litha, Beltane, Ostara, Midnight Margaritas and our new summer scent, Midsummer Solstice. For use in a wax melter or appropriate oil burner. Long-lasting scents, available while stocks last. Packaged in black total box. 


Limited to just 50 boxes. 




Midsummer Solstice

Fruity and fresh, this is the perfect scent to burn when in need of invigorating energies. Top notes of juicy and pear lead into zesty lime and fresh rhubarb, with a just hint of ground nutmeg. Fruity, warm and stimulating, this summer scent works well when doing rituals connected to the Faerie realms and around the uplifting energies of the Summer Solstice. 



A new scent this year, Ostara is the perfect fragrance to welcome in the Spring. Reminiscent of springtime flowers in blossom, this blends captures the delicate bluebells and daffodils with oils of jasmine, hyacinth, freesia and orange blossom, mixed with a base of gardenia and amber. This beautifully fresh and floral blend is ideal for any Ostara or Spring or Summer rituals. Also perfect for spellcraft relating to growth, abundance and renewal.




Soft and romanic, subtle and completely intoxicating. This is the scent inspired by the magickal sabbat of Litha, the Midsummer Solstice. The day that marks the balance between light and darkness, masculine and feminine, as above so below. Litha is also associated with the Faerie realm, and this fragrance is just as mystical and entrancing. Light citrus top notes rest on a bed of jasmine, smooth amber, cedar, delicate florals and base notes of earthy oakmoss and vetiver.  Indulgent and relaxing, perfect for creativity, self love, and all sensual rituals and spell craft. 



A seasonal scent that is a sensual, heady blend of ylang ylang and neroli blossoms with base notes of white jasmine and a hint of nutmeg. Alluring and unusual florals, with oils that promote both euphoric and aphrodisiac qualities, as well and soothing stress, reducing cortisol and promoting a sense of peace. Perfect for Beltane or summer/Solar rituals, love and sensuality and working with the Divine Feminine.  


Midnight Margaritas 

A limited edition scent for the summer months. This is a zesty blend with top notes of lime and coconut, a base of juicy orange and lemon, and the slightest hint of vanilla and amber. Perfect for evoking the exotic, tropical scents of summer into your home, no matter the weather. Inspired by the Iconic scene in Practical Magic, for all the 90s witches!